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Providing the most efficient engagement marketing solution with the largest scale and highest standardized quality
in Direct & Trade Marketing in Vietnam nationwide & Indochina.




To be the trusted partner of clients and society by providing the most efficient engagement marketing solutions with largest scale, highest standardized quality & most innovative technology solutions in Direct & Trade Marketing in Vietnam nationwide & Indochine.


Broaden our Mind - Energize our Spirit - Grow with interdependence

Our mission is to broaden the mindset of our staff in terms of their profession and their capacity at work, while assisting our staff in realizing and enhancing the connection between clients and end-users. While developing academic profession, we aim to grow with interdependence in promoting the growth of our organization alongside the growth of society.


In the close network with thousands of staff in nationwide & strong relationship with Authorities in 64 provinces, Delta has the ability to plan & implement direct & trade marketing services for many brands all over the country, from urban, sub-urban to rural regions, and outreach to Vietnam's neighbor countries such as Laos or Cambodia... We provide Engagement Marketing services, based on Direct and Trade Marketing with Digital transforming prioritized strategy. In particular, our services are:

Merchandising/Display/ Audit
Promotion for consumer & dealer
Mystery shoppers
Direct Sales/BA management
Project quality control
Product & brand activation
Sampling (dry, wet, D2D)
Consumer show & trade show

Core competencies

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Delta's headquarter occupies more than 70 full-time staff. Delta also has representative offices in Ha Noi and affiliate hubs in Danang and Cambodia. Delta has established a nationwide network in 64 provinces of Vietnam and enlarging to other regions in Southeast Asia. Annually, Delta establishes contract with more than 5,000 part-time staff, and owning a recruitment community network with 99,000 active members.
In the long run and especially to adapt to the new tech-based world, Delta is building its core competencies in applying technology to provide our clients with data-driven & measurable KPIs. We apply data-analysis in planning and executing projects, as well as building a central system to collect and assess raw data collected from fieldwork.
With utmost commitment to project quality, we apply Total Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.


Through 9 years of development in the Advertising industry, Delta has achieved several successes, gaining the organization a wide-ranged portfolio of trusted clients and brands, such as The Coca-Cola Company Vietnam Ltd., BP Castrol, Nestle, Samsung, MSD, United Pharma, Vinamilk, Vinasoy, Techcombank,... Evaluated by our valued Clients, we always achieve more than 80% of projects rated A level annually.

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Meet Our Team - Experienced And

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Minh Huong, Tran (Ms.)

CEO - Partner

Huong Tran has been the fire-litter and fire-keeper of Delta throughout the development of the organization from the early days. With more than 23 years of experience in the industry, Huong has developed her expertise in both professional and management skills. Being the key project owner of several successful advertising campaigns, Huong achieved her reputation and grew to the position of Key Leader in Global & Local Leading Advertising Agencies before, together with Square Group members, setting up Delta as a co-owner and CEO. Within 09 years, Huong has brought Delta to the position of being one of the widely-known local agencies in direct & trade marketing services. With a sharp mind and a clear leading strategy, Huong’s motto “with reasons, no results” has inspired the staff to achieve greater success in the Advertising field.

Tina, Le (Ms.)

Business Director

Tina has proved herself as a spotlight of the organization. Completed her Bachelor of Business in Australia, Tina joined Delta from the truly first days, and has successfully led and operated several campaigns such as Coca Cola Soundwaves, Tiger Remix, Tiger VIP trip, etc, achieving herself a sparkling reputation in Beverages category of the industry. Throughout the years, Tina has developed strategically win-win partnerships with certain clients at Pernod Ricard, Unilever, etc. With Tina as one key account holder at Delta, the organization has had a bold stronghold of having one of the best experienced spotlights in the industry.

Thuy Trang, Nguyen (Ms.)

Senior Account Manager

Trang Nguyen is one of the youngest and most energetic members of Delta’s manager level. Having been in the industry for more than five years, Thuy Trang owns a wide range of client relationship from Beverages Industry, to Banking Industry and named herself key project owner of several successful campaigns such as Techcombank International Marathon, Tiger Street Football Campaign, Pajero Sport Conquers Vietnam,... Trang Nguyen is also a greatly contributing member of Delta for being the Chairwoman of Delta’s Labor Union for two continuous years. The emerging young star Trang Nguyen is an invaluable piece of Delta’s successful body.

Huyen Trang, Pham (Ms.)

Senior Account Manager

Trang is a woman of disciplines. More than 7 years in the industry, Trang has the strongest establishment of client service and campaign execution amongst others. She has proved herself to be an expert in campaign execution via several projects such as ... Trang also shows her talent in establishing a incredibly strong team with high self-demand, making her team one of the strongest group of Accounts well-known across clients. Her excellent Account and Client management skills well earns her a spot in the managing line of Delta.

Duy, Nguyen (Mr.)

Senior Account Manager

Experienced more than 12 years in direct & trade marketing, working in leading BTL Agencies in Vietnam & directly manage many big activation/trade campaigns of HVBL, Castrol, Sanofi…, Duy shows up his core competency in Client Services, Project Planning & Management. Understanding deeply about field work marketing, Duy contribute an effective & excellent supervision on reality of the project during planning & implementation. Clients - who have been working with Duy in years - love him due to his services attitude, his commitment & integrity.

Mong Thu, Nguyen (Ms.)

QC Manager

Thu is an experienced expert in Quality Control and Quality Assurance, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. With the vision to establish a system of QA/QC in every organization she joins, Thu spent 6 years working in the production industry and 4 years in the advertising agency. Her key responsibilities at Delta include building and operating Delta’s internal operation system as well as supervising the control and assurance of Delta’s project quality.

Ngoc Thach, Doan (Mr.)

Senior Logictics Manager

Thach has been in the industry of Production for over 10 years now. His experience ranges through a series of different competencies, from event to activation production as well as setting up. He has successfully joined as production house and set-up agency for several known projects in the Advertising industry such as Motorshow, ... With Thach’s experience and expertise, Delta is proud to proclaim that the organization possesses one of the strongest and most experienced figures in the industry.

Kim Nga, Do (Ms.)

National Operations Manager

Nga joins Delta after several years in the Advertising field, both as an Account and as an Operation staff, both in executive and managing roles. With more than 15 years in the industry, Nga specializes in dark market marketing services for tobacco and liquor brands. She is also an expert in team building, with having successfully developed several teams in different fields. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Is Nga’s favorite quote, and that is also her working motto at Delta: keep moving forward without any doubt or fear.

Lan Huong, Pham (Ms.)

North Chief Rep

Huong started her project management career from 2006 at some MNC agencies : World Media, Salient Media, Jolen Consulting, OMG Viet Nam, MC, etc. With more than ten years of Brand Activation Management for several clients such as: Unicharm, Nestle, Unilever, LG, VPM, she gained intensive experience in the development of Brand Activation projects. The experience also allows her to clearly understand and strategize suitable marketing campaigns for Brands.
She is now leading Project Operation Team at Delta in North region.

Mong Thuy, Kieu (Ms.)

Operation Manager

Thuy has been in the Advertising industry for over 10 years now. Her experience ranges through a series of different fields, from event to activation operations. She has been leading different teams of operation in a wide range of portfolio from Food and Beverages to Dairy products. “There is nothing done unless we start to move” – Thuy’s motto urges everyone around her an inspiration to move forward and try one best to complete tasks.

Vi Khuong, Thai (Mr.)

Operation Manager

We always think of Khuong at Delta as one fun-bringing guy. He is always cheerful and brings joy to everybody around him, yet disciplines and result in jobs he follows – the part of Khuong we all appreciate and admire. He works with an attitude that differs him from others, and he never backs down for any reason – he strives to complete every task he is responsible for. Throughout his 8 years of experience in Delta, Khuong proves himself worthy of reputation in the industry through Motorshows, Vinasoy, Coca-Cola campaigns, etc.

Ngoc Dung, Le (Mr.)

Operation Manager

Dung faces every challenge with a can-do and positive attitude – and that’s what makes him different from others. He spends much of his time advising and helping others to advance and deal with their problems as well. He is well-known for projects of Diana-Unicharm, Techcombank events, etc. Being in the industry for more than 7 years, Dung proves to be one of the experts every company should have, and Delta is lucky to have him in the management team.

Tuan Anh, Tran (Mr.)

Art Director

Graduated from University of Architecture as an Interior Designer, Tuan Anh finds his interests in Advertising field after a few trials. Up to now, he has been in the industry for 6 years, and has had experienced through various fields of design in marketing, such as Event, Activation, Motorshow, Exhibition, Decoration, etc. With a fine sense of art and a knack for tidiness, Tuan Anh requires and delivers a high standard of his team’s design products, earning Delta a good reputation on artistic development of Event & Activation materials.

Hoang Yen, Nguyen (Ms.)

Show Producer

Yen has had 10 years working in Show & Event Industry. Starting as Account Management role in an Integrated Communications Boutique Agency, then she was invited to top communication agencies Square, Golden & YanTV - key players in local entertainment and media industry. At Delta, Yen is now Producer Show Manager, in charged of all event strategy & direction development.
Yen always does everything with 200% effort and energy to bring the best result to her team. Beside her creativity, her optimistic attitude will inspire all the people around her even in the most stressful time.

Thu Thuy, Tran (Ms.)

Chief Accountant

With more than 15 years of experience in Accounting, Thuy is a key stakeholder of Delta’s success, in terms of financial management, ensuring Delta’s smooth flow of currency in-and-out of projects.


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